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The PESO Method of Approaching Public Relations

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to Public Relations. It takes a multifaceted approach to effectively communicate a message. But it’s good to have a template to start and that’s where the PESO method can help set a strategy.

When looking how to best communicate your message or brand, think PESO, Paid Media, Earned Media, Social Media and Owned Media.

The ratio of where you should place your efforts depends on the message you have, the audience you want to reach and the realities of a changing media landscape.

Paid Media is your advertising budget. It can help your other media streams get a jumpstart on views to help get a wider reach. Reporters you are targeting for earned media see ads too, and a robust paid media strategy can help complement your earned media.

Partnering with the media and influencers is also a key component of a strategy and can garner earned media which naturally gets a fairly large viewer pool. Identifying a unique story or voice to tell a story can make a good pitch to the media. Instead of pitching a story about you donating to a cause, find someone who will benefit from your donation to tell a personal story.

Social Media, whether organic or paid content, can give you the ability to directly communicate with your audience/customers/clients and helps you control the message, and with a cheap advertising plan, you can target people you want.

Owned Media is also important to communicating a clear and accurate message. Blogs, internal communication and newsletters are still valued by customers, and they are another way to directly communicate with your audience. They can also help employee morale.

Every idea or message you have to share shouldn’t fit into one category. It can fit into all of them. You can include content from a campaign into all of these categories.