The Beat

Meet the Four-Legged Friends Behind Our Team

In honor of National Pet Parent Day this week, we invite you to meet a few of our favorite team members who play a special part in our day-to-day operations at the Baker PR offices. Our furry additions enjoy the office environment on special occasions, or sometimes just because. We believe office dogs are an excellent way to brighten the cold, dreary days that come with living in upstate New York.

To become a canine member of the Baker PR team, each pet must undergo a rigorous interview process to show they have what it takes to be a Baker PR pet. Pets are interviewed based on their ability to provide friendly greetings to office visitors, withstand chewing even the most appealing of office objects and only use the outdoor restroom (and not relieving themselves indoors!).

Once our fur babies show they are qualified to bring joy and increase productivity without leaving a mess behind, they are welcome to visit!



CBO (Chief Barketing Officer)
Pet Parent: Megan Baker

Zoey brings one year of experience as a Baker PR office pet. She specializes in going from office to office, making sure everyone gives her a belly rub. Her responsibilities include participating in regular cuddle sessions with office employees and waiting until she is outside to use the bathroom.



Director of Napping
Pet Parent: Dhani Hoyte

Cooper is a rescue pup from Tennessee and has tremendous experience napping since Dhani brought him to Albany last year. He takes a great deal of pride in his ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, regardless of what’s going on, and is proud to teach his furry colleagues how to do the same. For that reason, Cooper’s primary responsibility is to display the art of the perfect nap on the big chair in the office entryway.



Paw-ffice Maintenance Manager
Pet Parent: Alyssa Cremeans

Mazie is a seven-year-old Maltese-Yorkie mix and exudes a high level of confidence around the Baker PR office. She has shown tremendous value in her ability to strut around the office and discover even the tiniest of crumbs from lunch. Even if they’re not to her liking, she’ll be sure to let you know by whining and asking for another food option instead, as she is very picky. In her free time, she enjoys eating cheese and bossing her brother Wilson around.


CTO (Chew Toy Officer)
Pet Parent: Jason Politi

Rugby is a rescue who works remotely and is constantly on the hunt for potential chew toys. From squirrels in the woods to his mom and dad’s socks, Rugby is known to use his over-zealous tactics, doing whatever it takes to bring in new toys.



Director of Pet Relations (PR)
Pet Parent: Alyssa Cremeans

Wilson is an office regular and brings with him a great deal of professionalism and enthusiasm. In his two-year career as a Giant Schnoodle, he’s proven to be an excellent greeter and cuddler, and is highly skilled at using his cuteness to get what he wants from humans. His primary responsibilities include giving office visitors a warm, fuzzy welcome.



Office Security
Pet Parent: Megan Baker

Stella is a Baker PR veteran and takes great pride in her role to protect the team members if they decide to work after hours. She is a softie at heart and is always looking to sneak in a few head scratches from colleagues between shifts. A word of caution though, don’t try to snag that bone from her, she doesn’t like to share.