The Beat

Creating Effective Videos For Your Brand

Before you hit record on your camera or cell phone to record a video for your company, you need to ask yourself: What is the goal? If the answer is to get clicks or go viral, you’ve already lost.

Video content has to have a specific goal in mind to be successful. Identifying that goal means identifying your audience. It could be to inform about your company, with the audience being people who have never heard of you before. That type of video probably won’t play well on Facebook, where your followers have actively sought you out. The goal may be to inform about the promotion of an employee, with the audience being current customers. This can play well on Facebook and help customers feel more connected to your brand.

Maybe you have an inspirational story from a customer that will reach a wide audience. Break up that content. Make a longer video for YouTube geared at the general public, make a shorter version for Facebook and Twitter, and then an even shorter (5 seconds to 1 minute) for other platforms that you can sponsor that video to hit a much larger audience of potential clients and customers.

The name of the game is a video is not one size fit all. Different lengths and style are good for different platforms and audiences.