Why Baker Public Relations?

What Sets Us Apart?

The Client Relationship

Baker Public Relations prides itself on working closely with clients and being responsive to their needs. We’ll meet with you, listen, strategize, counsel and more importantly, deliver exceptional results on time and on budget. Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, we will always put your interests first. We’re not satisfied until you are.

The Value of Intelligent PR

Our Intelligent PR approach is the best and most cost-effective tool available for creating buzz, changing behavior, building consensus, shaping images and steering trends. Intelligent PR gets your message out and gets people talking. It builds excitement, changes minds and develops loyalty. It’s a smart and measurable approach that uses a mix of tactics to drive messages home, boost profits and exceed organizational goals.

The Culture

At Baker Public Relations, we strive to consistently empower, motivate and nurture a collaborative environment. Our team members are encouraged to grow professionally, volunteer in local communities, seek out clients they are passionate about and create a synergetic atmosphere that ultimately provides the best services and results for our clients possible.